Tax Controversy Attorney

If you are experiencing a tax issue, you are likely experiencing a great deal of stress. You may be experiencing threats, such as wage garnishment or liens on your property. When the government is the debt holder, you may feel there is little you can do to help yourself.

Tax Controversy Attorney Jeannine Broadnax earned her Masters of Law (LLM) in Taxation and Estate Planning with honors from the John Marshall School of Law in Chicago, because she wanted to better be able to assist people with these complicated kinds of problems. She formed Strategic Tax & Estate Planning Strategies, to help reduce clients’ stress and efficiently assist clients address their tax issue.

Tax Debts and Audits

If you already have a judgment from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Illinois Department of Revenue,  Attorney Jeannine Broadnax can help you negotiate your tax debt and dispute any errors. She can also help if there is already a threat of liens or an attempt to collect on judgments.

If you have received a notice that you will be audited, Tax Attorney Jeannine Broadnax will guide you through the process of finding the proper documentation and help you through the audit itself. She has intimate knowledge of the audit process, and will effectively assist you as you go through the process.

Settlement and Negotiation

Tax Controversy Attorney Jeannine Broadnax understands how stressful tax situations are, and how many issues can often be solved through negotiation and settlement instead of litigation. While she is willing to fight for your best results, she has been successful at getting good results without going to court also.

If you need help with a tax issue, you need the most experienced, knowledgeable help possible. Call Strategic Tax & Estate Planning Strategies today for a consultation.