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Attorney Jeannine Broadnax, the People’s Attorney, can help you with all your real estate and business needs. Besides her law degree, she also has a Master’s of Law in Taxation and Estate Planning. Because of that, Jeannine Broadnax has extra insight into complicated issues regarding business matters. As neighborhood volunteer, she sincerely wants the best for you and everyone else in her community. She founded Strategic Tax & Estate Planning Strategies, to further her work in the community.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Attorney Jeannine Broadnax has successfully assisted many clients who need to conduct business with the buying and selling of real estate. She can review contracts,  or help you draft your own. Real Estate Attorney Jeannine Broadnax can also assist when there are disputes in the contract or tax problems.

Business Law Needs

Business Law Attorney Jeannine L. Broadnax understands the many factors in business planning and can help in business formation, including plans, financing and licensing. Whether the business is for profit or not-for-profit, she will be able to assist with choosing a business structure, preparing tax forms and other necessary paperwork and procedures.

If the time comes when you decide to move on, Attorney Jeannine Broadnax can help with a business succession plan. There are always many decisions to make and options to choose from Attorney Broadnax can help find the ones that best suit your needs.

When dealing with important business matters, you should choose someone to help who is experienced and knowledgeable and who is truly concerned with what is best for you.  You can call Strategic Tax & Estate Planning Strategies for an evaluation of your needs today.

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Jeannine was very thorough, professional and straight forward. She kept me updated with specifics and advised me on options, she allowed me to make final decisions. My outcome was everything I expected. - Ella (5 star review)

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