Probate and Trust Administration Attorney

Probate Attorney Jeannine Broadnax has been practicing law since 2007 she has earned an advanced degree in Taxation & Estate Planning. Her law group, Strategic Tax & Estate Planning Strategies is committed to helping people and families during difficult times.

Because of her strong background with taxes and estate planning,  Attorney Jeannine Broadnax is skilled at maximizing tax benefits while keeping or disposing of assets. Organizing and planning an estate as early as possible will provide the most benefit to the family and bring peace of mind for the future.

Attorney Jeannine Broadnax is experienced in all stages of the probate process for both testate and intestate estates. She is comfortable dealing with conflict when it arises, and represents clients on both sides of contested wills.  She can help deal with a citation to discover assets, accounting objections, heirship disputes, breach of fiduciary duties and has successfully litigated a great deal of estate and guardianship cases. Attorney Jeannine Broadnax can also assist clients transfer qualified assets outside of probate via the small estate affidavit. 

Guardianship and Power of Attorney

When one person is incapacitated for reasons such as age or health, it may become appropriate to start a legal process so that person can have a legal guardian who will be responsible for his or her care. Guardianship Attorney Jeannine Broadnax helps clients who are involved in this important process. An alternative that many take advantage of is the Power of Attorney, where an individual can choose a representative to take over decisions regarding health care or finances.

Trust Administration 

Trust Attorney Jeannine Broadnax offers experience in estate accounting and executor representation. She can assist fiduciaries through the probate process, resolve claims, transfer assets, and carry out the decedent’s estate plan. Attorney Jeannine Broadnax will work in partnership with the estate’s accountant  to ensure income tax matters are properly handled. She can also implement post-mortem planning techniques to aid in minimizing estate tax liability and deferred taxes.  Attorney Jeannine Broadnax knows what it takes to fairly represent the estate’s interest,  while being compassionate to families during difficult times. She is also effective in structuring settlements between family members as well as with creditors in a way that will best meet her clients’ needs.