CVLS Volunteer Spotlight

Jeannine has been recognized by Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (CVLS) in their Volunteer spotlight. You can read the full profile below, or view their newsletter here.

Jeannine Broadnax knows a thing or two about probate law. Since 2015, she has volunteered with CVLS as a Guardian ad Litem (“GAL”) for adults with disabilities, investigating family circumstances for the Court and helping the underserved access information and resources. Jeannine also represents CVLS clients as part of our new Probate Court Assistance Project (“PCAP”).

A woman named Florence was recently referred to CVLS through PCAP. Her husband had passed away without a will, and his estate consisted of the home they lived in. The home was encumbered by a mortgage in her husband’s name, and the mortgage company refused to communicate with Florence about the loan.

Florence first hired a private attorney, but the attorney withdrew before the estate was closed. Florence tried to represent herself, but she struggled and the Court referred her to PCAP. At CVLS, Jeannine listened to Florence’s legal problem and knew she could help her. Because of her experience, Jeannine quickly realized that the case was ready to close; it simply needed a few documents drafted and one court date to close the estate.

Jeannine successfully represented Florence before the Presiding Judge of the Cook County Probate Division. Pleased with the outcome of the case, the Presiding Judge encouraged the entire courtroom to participate in PCAP and take on pro bono cases.

Our mission at CVLS is to link dependable attorneys with low-income clients like Florence. Your goal as a volunteer may be to build experience or help the underserved, but Jeanine puts it best: “One thing’s for sure – the good you put out always returns.”